With more than half of all internet viewership being done on smart phone devices, responsive web design is a necessary part of a website.  What is responsive web design?  It’s a method of web design with CSS or HTML coding that utilizes fluid grids using percentages instead of stagnant grids like pixels or points.  This allows the website to morph into a more easily readable format based on your viewing window and orientation.  For example, on a mobile phone a website might be arranged in a single column whereas on a tablet it could be in two columns.

How important is responsive web design for your website? 2013 was named the Year of Responsive Web Design by the website Mashable.  It is the preferred web design method for Google and is even rewarded by the search engine with higher website ratings. It’s considered a cost effective method to deliver a user friendly webpage previously provided only by mobile apps.

There’s a saying that content is like water.  What does that mean? When water is poured in a cup it fills the space and takes on its shape.  Responsive web design applies this principle to websites.  When viewed on a desktop the website can be viewed in its entirety.  When on a mobile device, the content morphs and condenses to better fill the space in an easy to navigate format.  This allows you to reach your consumers at home or on the go with one simple website that is designed to adjust to all devices.