Radio is a unique medium when it comes to advertising. Although other types of advertising are flashier, such as TV commercials or even billboards on the side of the road, radio advertising continues to reach a very high percentage of consumers compared to other types of advertising: it is well established as having the greatest reach across the U.S. according to Nielsen, with radio reach numbers rapidly increasing across some demographics). In addition, radio advertising Baton Rouge frequently has lower production and advertising costs than other types of advertising, specifically TV advertising.

However, for all the benefits of radio advertising, it should be implemented in a way that maximizes its effectiveness. This is true of all forms of marketing, but radio advertising Baton Rouge is particularly competitive and must be targeted and produced effectively, given that listeners can simply change channels.

First, you should carefully consider the type of station that would best fit your advertising, according to the demographics for each type of station. You wouldn’t advertise a roofing business to a station that is most popular with 18-24 year olds, for example. A marketing company that specializes in radio advertising Baton Rouge can provide demographics and help you build a strategy for marketing to the groups that make the most sense for your business.

Second, the frequency and duration of radio advertisements is very important, in some ways moreso than with other forms of advertising. Ads that are too short do not allow the advertiser to build a story and repeat the name of the business so that it sticks in the mind of the listener, while ads that play infrequently lose the power of repeated listens in creating an impression. The rule of “three” is common in radio advertising—many marketers consider that if a customer hears your ad three times, they will remember your business. An experienced advertisement company in Baton Rouge should be familiar with these and other concepts and should help to plan and build an effective radio advertising strategy for your business.

Radio advertising isn’t going anywhere soon, and it has plenty of value for the price. Consider your options and work with an advertisement company in Baton Rouge that understands radio and will work with you to get the most bang for your buck.