Business owners in Baton Rouge have a lot to consider before jumping all-in with an advertising campaign. The economic climate, the state of their industries, and their own cash flow are all important considerations that should be taken into account before engaging in marketing campaigns; after all, if potential customers are at a low point, there isn’t much sense in using the services of ad agencies in Baton Rouge. However, business owners have some good news to look forward to: in keeping with the U.S. economy overall, the local economy of Baton Rouge is expected to grow in 2018 and beyond.

In the most recent economic outlook released by the Baton Rouge Area Chamber, the employment rate was expected to grow by 1.1% over the course of 2018, translating into about 4,500 new jobs. This is great news not only for those seeking employment in the area, but also for business owners: more money in the hands of the community means more opportunities for sales and business growth. Additionally, 55% of local industry sectors saw employment growth in 2017; since these trends are expected to continue through 2018, business owners in many different industries can expect growth.

Advertising Baton Rouge businesses can be tricky since it’s one of the economic powerhouses of the state, and most small businesses will face established competition. However, a solid and cohesive marketing plan devised by an experienced, full-service branding and advertising agency can give an extra advantage to the small business owner looking to establish a foothold in this strong economic community.