Despite the doom and gloom forecasted by some advertisers due to the increasing popularity of streaming services, TV advertising is still one of the most popular advertising mediums around today. Statistics bear this out: the United States represents the largest TV advertising market in the world, with advertising revenue only expected to increase from the current year to 2021. TV advertising is here to stay, in both national markets and in local markets, such as television advertising in Baton Rouge.

Although TV advertising is a huge market, like any other form of marketing, it must be approached with the right mindset and strategy to achieve the best results. Being such a large market, of course, means that business advertisement in Baton Rouge must stand out to leave an impression on the consumer. One good strategy for approaching TV advertising is to target ads for local markets, not just by highlighting relevant products and services, but by embracing the local culture and showing that your business is a part of the community.

This is actually easier in a market with a culture as strong as south Louisiana, specifically Baton Rouge—referencing cultural touchstones such as food, dancing, and LSU and Saints football can all go a long way in making your ad, and therefore your business, seem like part of the general culture of the area. Consumers identify with these ideas and will therefore associate a business with a friendly and familiar image—an important goal when advertising in Baton Rouge. Of course, these cultural ideas must not be shoehorned into an ad where it doesn’t make sense, but subtle references can remind viewers that a business is local to the area and proud of its culture.

Appealing to the things near and dear to customers has always been an important part of advertising. When pursuing a marketing strategy that includes television advertising in Baton Rouge, remember that Louisiana loves local, and be open to including cultural references that could help your business appeal to potential customers in a unique way.