Advertising to potential customers is a necessary part of owning any business. Sure, a small business that’s just starting out can gain momentum and customers simply through word of mouth, or friends and family. But if you’re looking to make it to the big leagues, or even the minors, you’ll need to advertise and expand your customer base. Advertising is unfamiliar territory for most small businesses and it can seem intimidating at first. Here are a few quick do’s and don’ts that will help a business start off on the right track when purchasing business advertisement in Baton Rouge.

1 — Do: Have a Clear Business Plan

Having a business plan is a necessity in any situation, but it’s especially helpful when advertising in Baton Rouge. Outlining your business’s strength, weaknesses, and expansion strategy will allow an advertisement company to tailor a marketing plan that fits your demographics, industry, and plans for future growth. Your marketing campaign should reflect both your current and future plans for products and services offered as well as the type of customers you’d like to attract.

2 — Don’t: Work with Non-Professionals

We all have that cousin or other family member who claims to be a marketing professional and promises advertising materials, such as a website or logo, on the cheap. Don’t let your family bonds get in the way of business. Working with a professional advertisement company in Baton Rouge with a proven customer base is the way to go—they are more equipped to handle a variety of campaign types, and are likely more familiar with your demographics.

3 — Do: Communicate with Your Advertisement Company

An unfocused ad campaign is an unsuccessful one. You might be working with a professional, but even they can’t produce new customers out of thin air with no input from you. If you’re paying for business advertisement in Baton Rouge, you should get your money’s worth by clearly communicating with the marketing company about your goals, customer base, and aesthetic preferences for your advertising materials. This cuts down on misunderstandings and revisions that cost everyone time and money.

Purchasing business advertisement in Baton Rouge can be intimidating, especially if you’re new to the field, but a few guidelines can help out.