There are many avenues to explore when it comes to choosing how to advertise your business in Baton Rouge.  With so many methods, businesses can pick and choose which ones work best for their business.

For the more technologically savvy business, the internet provides many ways to advertise on its own.  You can purchase ad space on websites such as Facebook where you can choose how far your ads reach and choose an appropriate ad budget.  Google’s AdWords is the best known and most popular site to place your ads.  Social media websites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are good ways to get your business out there and allow your customers to provide real and timely feedback.

A television commercial is a great way to advertise for your business, whether you want to reach regional customers or national.  Radio commercials are similar to television commercials but give you greater control over your target demographic.  You can choose which station you want your commercial to appear, so if you want to target the 18-24 crowd you can choose an alternative station or for the older crowd a contemporary station is a great idea.

Newspapers, doorhangers, car flyers, and event sponsorship are other ways to locally advertise in Baton Rouge.  Simply going door to door or putting flyers on windshields can generate traffic for your website or shop or get you calls about your services.  Event sponsorship is a less traditional method of advertising, but it has far-reaching benefits.  When you sponsor an event, your business will be advertised along with the event and any who go to the event will see your business featured on posters, t-shirts, etc.