Do you know the buying habits of your customers? What phrases, stories or events will move them to consider your product or brand? What time of day does your client typically shop? Are they mostly “weekend shoppers”? What do they watch, read and/or listen to? How much do they use social media when choosing an item? These are questions every business owner should ponder on a regular basis. In advertising, the target is often on the move. What was the most effective advertising method in years gone by may not be as effective today. Knowing the habits of the buyer can make a huge difference in when and where a company should advertise. We believe an intelligent ad or branding campaign should be based on the best and most realistic data. Our primary goal is to help our clients build a long term plan for long term success. How well do you really know your customer? If you’re interested in advertising your business in the Baton Rouge or surrounding areas of Louisiana, give us a call at Clay Young Enterprises today!