In the world of advertising, timing is key. This is why it is so important to have a plan and a way to execute that plan. The most important thing we do for clients is to help them focus their brand. From there, the creative aspect of an ad campaign is easy. Once we have determined who the primary and secondary customers are, we can focus on their buying patterns. We also look at the areas of media that are mostly likely to allow the client the best opportunity to see the advertiser. People are busy and distracted by all of the ways new media allows communication. Most people have a routine to their shopping. Learning that routine can make a huge difference in the return on investment. To cut through the clutter you’ve got to be noticeable and understandable. The potential customer has to clearly understand what you’re selling and why they’ve “got to have it.” These are some of the reasons it is so important to advertise. When many businesses run into financial problems they eliminate their ad budgets. Big mistake. How can people find you if they don’t know to look for you? As a company’s marketing goes, so goes their profits.  Automotive innovator and great businessman Henry Ford once said “Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” Bingo! Remember these steps:

  1. Know your brand.
  2. Know your customer
  3. Engage in intelligent/effective advertising
  4. Don’t stop telling your story.

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